Patch Note - May 1


Brave Wanderers,

Thank you very much for joining us. Your unrelenting support is what keeps us forging ahead. Even now, Cyber Hunter is still evolving and improving. We really appreciate your feedback and are grateful for your tolerance.

In order to improve your gaming experience and create a better combat environment, we will soon begin carrying out non-downtime maintenance and improvements in accordance with your feedback on May 1, 2019.

The maintenance update details are as follows:


[New Features]

1. Unlock new social features with Black Card Privileges! Black Card users can buy their friends item in the Shop from the Limited-time Selection, allowing them to be the coolest Wanderers.

2. New Friends Leaderboard. Wanderers can now compare their records with their friends and see who's the greatest!

3. The V-Coin sending feature is now available. Send V-Coins to your friends to increase your Bond. You can also view and claim gifts from friends that you previously overlooked in the gift sending interface in Community - Friends.


[Feature Improvements]

1. Increased the number of items in the Shop and added a larger selection of items for sale in the Limited-time Selection Shop.

2. Improved features and display of Supplies page: Notifications will be sent to your friends and players in the server when you've drawn advanced items; Supplies Voucher icon display has been adjusted.

3. Improved the Season Pass display and the arrangement of descriptive texts and corresponding display icons for rewards.

4. Added Claim All to Season Challenge. Wanderers can now claim all weekly Challenge Quests rewards with a single tap.

5. Improved the display of data in Statistics and added MVP quantity statistics. 

6. Improved Meds recommendation. Adrenaline will be recommended when character has 100 HP.

7. Improved Season File display in the Tier System. Players will be marked if they haven't joined any previous seasons.

8. Improved the display of Victory page.

9. Improved the display action continuity of Hero Fashion.

10. Improved the display rules of the red dot notification, including the display of the red dot on avatars, avatar frames and newly obtained avatars.

11. Lifted the server list restrictions. Wanderers from Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and South America can view server information of other players.


[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed a bug that resulted in punching not being able to interrupt the stealth state of Droid Skills - Optical Camouflage and Stealth Force Field.

2. Improved an issue that caused explosions nearby when firing heavy weapons.