Patch Note - April 17th


To provide a more in-depth gaming experience and create a better combat environment, we’ll have maintenance between 7:00 - 9:00, April 17 (UTC+8), players will not be able to log in during the period. The duration time is estimated and may be extended due to technical issues. Due to the huge amount of new content, after completing the maintenance, a large pack will be downloaded when you log in to the game.
From April 17 to April 23, players who update the game and login will get rewards including Killer Whale Shotgun Coating (permanent usage), Elite Supplies Tickets*2, and 2,888 V-Coins.
🔼 New Season Preview
With Season 1 ending on April 24th 4:00 (GMT+8), your Season stats will be generated by the system. It's time for you to do the last sprint, don't miss out the chance! Also, Cyber Hunter Season 2 - Count Zero will officially launch at 5:00 am on April 29 (server time). Season Level Rewards, Season Pass and Quantum Quick Pass Benefits, Season Quests, Season Challenges, and Season Medals will be unlocked.
🔼 Global Event Preview
Global Version will be released in late April, and new servers will be open for the players! "Cyber Coming" event is also coming with global release. The event will be held between April 26 and May 28 (server time).
Other details of the update this time:
🔸Key Scenario Changes
1. Dreamland scenario changed.
• Rebuilt Mt. Lonely in its entirety. Paths and zone division have been improved and the number of supply points increased.
• Expanded the whole of Bridgehead Town and Vera Town area in the southwestern Wheat Fields, and improved zone division.
• Expanded the center of Columbus and improved zone division.
• Since a growing number of people try to land in this place, the Dreamland's Mermaid Port has been expanded across from Heyden Park, and more water cabins have been built.
• Improved terrain, surfaces and lighting effects on the entire map.
• Adjusted the refresh rules of scenario supply points based on the new terrain.
• Updated the Dreamland map and a small number of place names for maps in simplified Chinese and English. New map in Japanese.
2. Updated login, lobby, Mall preview, face customization, and vehicle display, making them more futuristic-looking and packed full of Cyber Punk sci-fi style features.
3. New training map in Japanese.
🔸Customization System Upgrade
1. Updated the face customization system.
• Improved the UI layout of the face customization system. Optimized the UI touch operation. Now, you can view makeup and customized makeup colors easier. In addition, finer details have been adjusted.
• Released Style Chips. Save your favorite hairstyles, faces, and makeup by using them.
• Improved the image quality for characters' skin, hairstyle, pupils, and makeup. For this, values for skin, hairstyle, pupils, and makeup have been restricted so that they display normally. Any styles you've customized before may undergo some changes. We hope you understand, fellow Wanderers.
• We've unlocked a bunch of free hairstyles and makeup based on the improved face data. Go get a new look now!
• In addition, new Outfits and Actions have been added to the style preview page. Now, it's easier for you to know which Outfits and Actions better match your new style.
2. New vehicle looks.
• New Windrider Paint: Lovely Sunshine. Has a great automotive lighting effect, which displays in a super cool way. You'll be the most rad guy on Dreamland if you own one!
• Over a dozen new vehicle paints added. With the run-up to the new Season and global launch event, they will be debuting soon!
• Improved the vehicle painting experience. When you ride a vehicle with a set paint effect, but the vehicle hasn't been painted before, vehicle painting will be triggered automatically. Then you can decorate it in any way you like.
3. New outfits, weapon paints, cool actions, and paints are rolling out! Stay tuned!
4. Heroes can also be fashionable! All-new default appearances, appearance actions and result effects for Zero and Max!
🔸Key Features
1. Improved the Mall system! You can find cool supplies and exciting Wanderer Black Card privileges in the new Mall.
• The Quantum Collider now offers Legendary, Master, and Elite supplies! Be the coolest player in this new Cyber Era!
• Become a Black Card Wanderer to get 4 privileges, customized gifts. and exclusive discounts. There's so much to be gained!
2. A complete Training Mode has been launched! We've not only revamped the Tutorials to help teach new Wanderers more effectively but also enabled bot battles. Now you can join battle simulations at any time. The detailed in-game guidance will help you finish battle simulations at all times.
• New Tutorials, vivid voice recordings, and customized teaching content to help you get started with Cyber Hunter! Wanderers can now select Chinese, Japanese, or English voice packets via Settings - Languages.
• VS Bots mode officially released, including Hard, Master and Insane difficulty modes. Wanderers, when you reach Lv. 10, Lv. 20, or Lv. 30, you can challenge each corresponding difficulty. In brand new VS Bots mode, you can get familiar with the game system, or challenge the Cyber Era smart AI, Alpha Go. More content is waiting to be explored!
3. Team-up Reservation is now available. Wanderers are able to send team-up reservation requests to any of their friends whose Bond has reached Lv. 10 or above via the Invite to Join screen. Invite your friends who are battling now and team up with each other!
🔸Experience Improvements
1. Improved battle experience, including:
• Weakened the shotgun, Tiburon
• Improved the animation when defeating opponents, making the feedback clearer and more fulfilling.
• Improved armor quality colors, bringing them in line with the quality color shown in the Mall. Wanderers can now easily identify armor quality.
• No bombing areas appear in battles anymore.
• Improved the Marker judgment of Cores, Scopes and other items. Wanderers can now use the material mark function of quick messages to mark materials more easily.
• Added the voice mechanism into quick speech. During the battle, vivid voice recordings can be heard when someone sends quick messages! Wanderers, you can select Chinese, Japanese, or English voice packs via the Settings - Languages page.
• Progress of Season Quests displayed in battles when Wanderers view their progress after unfolding the map. In addition, prompts will be displayed when completing Season Quests during battles.
• MVP and Winning Strike tags are now added to the result page.
• Improved data display logic for the results page
• Improved the results screen; added teammates' tiers and countries/regions of origin.
• Victory and Results pages now support the Share feature. Go share your awesome results in just one tap!
2. Improved vehicle operations, including:
• Improved the drift effects and corresponding sound effects of vehicles. Also improved the sound effects of vehicles traveling at high speed. Wanderers can now experience the excitement of the Speed Devil.
• Improved the sound effects of vehicle impacts. Better audio effects now reflect vehicle speed, as well as different materials and the size of the objects being hit.
• Improved and enriched the character actions when riding a motorcycle. Wanderers can now experience more realistic gameplay with actions like hopping on, stepping, sideways movement and leaping.
3. Improved Community experience, including:
• Offline Friends are now displayed in "Invite to Join"
• Improved the confirmation box style of Invite to Join" and "Request to Join"
• Friend information on the Leaderboard is now displayed on the Community screen
• Players in the general channel can choose to only see messages of the same language
• The sub-page of lobby players has been added to the Invite to Join" page, and free players in the lobby can now be invited
• Optimized the message display and usage related to team-up reservations
• Improved friends requests. Now, players can view other players' stats by tapping their avatar when receiving a friends request.
• Display your friends' Leaderboard information in Community.
• A love-heart pattern has been added above the avatar frame of close friends to display your Bond on the Invite to Join and Chat pages. Online friends will be listed by Bond in descending order.
4. Added a new quest type for Season Daily quests. Season Daily quest progress is now displayed as the minimap opens up during a match. A prompt pops up when the quest is complete.
5. Improved the way Mall Supplies Tickets are displayed.
6. Improved the error reporting function. Now you can give us feedback when in the lobby.
7. Updated Lv. 15 survey.
8. System voice packs can be switched in Settings - Languages. Chinese, Japanese and English voice packs are available for all Wanderers.
9. Improved graphics settings. HDR option is now compatible with some high-profile Android mobile phones.
🔸Bugs Fixed
1. Fixed the problem where Gliding and Rolling wouldn't respond for a long time after jumping from vehicles
2. Fixed the Delta's shaking issue
3. Fixed the problem where glossiness went wrong during face customization.