Maintenance Update - March 27th


Brave Wanderers,
To provide a more in-depth gaming experience and create a better combat environment, we’ll be running maintenance between 7:00 - 8:00, March 27 (UTC+8), players will not be able to log in during the period. The duration time is estimated and may be extended due to technical issues; we are sorry for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding.
Maintenance details are as below:
New Features
1. Revamped Lobby: We have revamped the whole in-game Lobby page. After logging in, you will see the new Lobby display page.
2. Brand new Droid skill: Unlock the new skill [Flight Formula] at Lv.29, which allows you to summon a Rocket Flight backpack and blast yourself into the sky!
3. Peak level unlocked: After this update, players at Lv.30 can continue to gain EXP. After Lv.30, the Peak level system will be unlocked, and the level of Wanderers will automatically become Peak level 1. At the end of each Season, for Wanderers who have reached Peak level, their Peak level will be reset to Peak level 1.
4. Player Level Leaderboard Added: Wanderers will now be ranked according to their levels. After Peak level is unlocked, they will be ranked according to their Peak levels.
5. Sharing feature unlocked: Now Wanderers can go to the Statistics page to share their avatars on Facebook and Twitter, or save them directly to their devices. Share the fun you're having on the Dreamland with your friends!
6. C-Coin Shop released: Various items are available in the new Mall. Wanderers can now purchase all kinds of limited items with C-Coins!
Feature Improved
1. Optimized the info displayed in mail. Mail sent by the system will now show the date.
2. Adjusted the statistics of some weapons and reduced the damage of Destroyer slightly.
3. Improved how items are picked up in games, and added a new visual effect when picking up armors.
4. Improved the operational performance of the Droid Paint page.
5. Optimized the Friends function. Gender info will be displayed on the main Friends page, and genders can now be filtered when adding friends.
6. Improved how items are shown in the Mall. Now all items being sold in the Mall will display their quality colors, such as blue, purple and gold.
7. Improved vehicle functionality. Players will be slightly hurt when falling from the vehicle at high-speed.
8. Adjusted the Mall display page, and added the ability to preview and change several outfits in the Mall.
9. Improved the report function at the end of the game. Now after you tap Report, it will select and prioritize the player who defeated you.
10. Adjusted the description of some quests in the Path of Growth.
11. When players get into a vehicle, the buttons for driving and riding can now be seen. Wanderers can conveniently select whether to drive in the vehicle or ride in it. Players can also change the button layout on the customize page.
12. Optimized the order in which data is displayed on the Leaderboard. Now the ranking data for 4-Player Squad mode will be displayed as a priority.
13. Added new types of the Season Daily Quests.
14. Improved the accelerating sound FX of the Motorcycle, and improved the motorcycle jet and nitrogen accelerating effects under the medium and low graphic settings.
15. Improved the response from the vehicle's horn, and made it longer when the button is held.
16. Optimized the effect seen when using Wardrobe Chips, added guidance when the chip profile data is empty, and optimized the usage feedback and message prompts.
17. Can now tap the corresponding skill icon when spectating to display the description of the corresponding skill. The descriptions of the messages related to spectating have been optimized.
18. Optimized the page display and Usage Feedback of in-match Quick Messages.
Other Fixes (will not be revealed to players)
1. Added a survey for players when they reach Lv.15.
2. Lv.1 players can now enter 2-Player Squad and 4-Player Squad mode.
3. When accepting a friend request, if there are no other requests, player's will automatically jump to the Friend Request Tab.
4. When the Community button has a red dot, you can tap it to directly skip to the red dot.
5. Reduced the amount of C-Coins obtained when dismantling outfits (hot fixed).
6. Added Peak level descriptions after the EXP bar in the character Statistics page.
7. Optimized how outfits are sorted.
8. Submitted the big patch mechanism.
9. Displayed subtitles under item names in the item dismantling page.
10. Increased the damage coefficient slightly for when vehicles hit people.
11. Optimized the display rules for Top-up and Season Pass purchases.
Above are all the issues of the maintenance this time, please refer to final results shown in the game.
This beta test is only being launched in Southeast Asia, so game lag may occur when players from other countries and regions try to play the game. We appreciate your understanding.