Maintenance Update - March 20th


Brave Wanderers,

Cyber Hunter server will have regular maintenance from 7:00 to 8:30 (GMT+8) on Mar 20, 2019. If maintenance fails to finish on schedule, the server reboot time may be postponed. Please keep an eye on the game availability time. We're sorry for any inconvenience this maintenance may cause.

The patch update details are below:

✔️New Features
1. Surplus personalized items can now be dismantled via Quantum Dismantling: Fashion outfits, Weapon Paint, Vehicle Paint, and other cosmetic items can now be dismantled. You will obtain Butterfly Coins or V-Coins after they are dismantled. Butterfly Coins can be used to unlock more Skin Chips. Many other exchange benefits will be available soon, so stay tuned!
2. Self-repair service has been added to the client: Wanderers can now carry out self-repairs on the Game Update, Login, and Settings screens;
3. Brand new Droid skill is here: When Wanderers reach level 27, the new Droid skill [Shield Formula] can be unlocked. This will allow Wanderers to use a transformable shield to offset the damage, and defend their squadmates more strategically. Go to Dream World Island and try it now!
4. The brand new vehicle is now available: New vehicle Windchaser has come to Dream World Island. The original [Dawnbreaker] skill is replaced by a brand-new skill called [Manic Velocity]. Wanderers can use this skill on Dream World Island to create their car, and experience wind-like speed. The stats of the Windchaser vehicle can now be viewed in the Gallery!
5. Comprehensive Quick Messages update: Marking functions for enemy and supplies have been added. When using the "Enemies spotted ahead" and "I have supplies" quick messages, you can aim at the enemy position or at some supplies to easily send the corresponding location to your squadmates. In addition, Wanderers can enter Settings to set up and select quick messages independently to allow for convenient and tactical communication! In addition, the new quick message voices are currently being recorded and will be released soon!

1. Personal data display in Statistics has been improved. A display area for Tier and Country/Region Flag Info has also been added.
2. Source description has been added to the Avatar and Avatar Frame.
3. Improved lucky draw coupons.
4. Improved the spectating screen – you can now see the Droid skills set by the Wanderer you are spectating.
5. Improved the displayed button info when spectating non-squadmate players. The Quick Messages button will now be hidden.
6. Improved the display when an avatar is obtained again.
7. Improved the general interface display when receiving rewards.
8. Improved the info displayed when a system is unlocked. The name of the unlocked system will now be displayed.
9. Improved the use of vehicles. A horn function has been added. Wanderers can tell their squadmates to get in by honking the horn.
10. Improved the vehicle-driving graphics. You can now see the steering wheel is turned.
11. Improved the driving of vehicles when going downhill at high speed and during sharp turns.
12. Improved the icon display for getting on and off vehicles and when changing seats.
13. Improved the effects seen when being hit.
14. Increased the probability of finding high-power scopes on Dream World Island;
15. Improved the display size of Wanderers' models on the Chat and Leaderboard interfaces.
16. Improved the data displayed on the Season Leaderboard. Now Wanderers can view Season Medal data.
17. Improved the experience when waiting for the Leaderboard to load. "Loading..." animation has been added.
18. Adjusted firearms balance: Empty Coffin damage has been reduced, and its minimum shooting interval has been slightly increased.
19. Adjusted firearms balance: Slightly increased the falloff range of the damage dealt with players by Destroyers, Falling Stars, and grenades.
20. Slightly reduced the damage dealt with players by vehicles.

The above is a full list of issues addressed in this maintenance update. Update details are subject to the results shown in-game.