Maintenance Update - March 13th


Brave Wanderers,

To provide a more in-depth gaming experience and create a better combat environment, we’ll have a maintenance from 7:00 to 8:00 A.M, March 13th (UTC+8), players will not be able to log in during the period. The duration time is estimated and may be extended due to technical issues; we are sorry for any inconvenience caused and we appreciate your understanding.

Maintenance details are as below:

🔺 New Features
1. Introducing the new Wardrobe function: You can now access the Clothes/Weapon page from the Hero menu to customize your character’s appearance and save them as profiles into Skin Chips. You can then freely switch between different chips, preview the profiles saved within and even switch between your Skin plans in the Lobby!
2. The Friend Affection system is now online. You can gain Affection by playing
matched games with friends. Unlock different relationship tabs on the Friends -
Affection page when your affection level reaches a certain amount!

✔️ Improvements
1. Improved the effects that are displayed when your character is hit, the
notification has been changed to a more striking red color.
2. Updated the scope model for Empty Coffin. The weapon now has an
exclusive scope design.
3. Improved the display of Daily Quests and Path of Growth and the way the
rewards are issued. Now players can claim rewards from the Activeness
Crates by just tapping them.
4. Added extra display info to player data. Now when country/region is
selected, the corresponding flag will be displayed.
5. Improved the display of Statistics when sent over chat.
6. Added new channels for players to link their accounts with. You can now
link your game account with your Twitter account, Wanderers who haven’t yet
linked their accounts can do so on the login screen.
7. Improved the voice chat settings, you can now set the volume of your
speakers and microphone separately. You can also set the quality of your voice
8. Improved the spectating experience, players can see the Droid Skills their
enemies have equipped when spectating, and communicate with their
squadmates with quick messages.
9. Improved the Path of Growth Tier Reward experience, players can now tap
to check locked Tier and Level Rewards There will be a slide notification for
players if they have unclaimed Tier Rewards.
10. Squad-forming related options have been removed from Settings.
11. Improved the skill: Shield Wall. The size of the shield built is now more

✔️ Fixed Bugs
1. Fixed an issue where some of the right-sided buttons don’t work when
they're placed on the left after players customize buttons.
2. Fixed the paint display error of Crusader.
Above are all the issues of the maintenance this time, please refer to final results shown in the game. 
This beta test is only being launched in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, so game lag may occur when players from other countries and regions try to play the game. The beta test is launched in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, lagging & high ping may occur when players from other regions play the game.

We'll continue to improve our game based on your feedback and suggestions. In the meantime, we’re preparing for PC version and global release, please stay tuned! Last, we welcome all of your ideas on how to make the game better!

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