Maintenance Update - Feb. 27th


Brave Wanderers,

To provide a more in-depth gaming experience and create a better combat environment, we’ll have a maintenance between 7:00 - 8:00, Feb. 27th (UTC+8), players will not be able to log in during the period. The duration time is estimated and may be extended due to technical issues; we are sorry for any inconvenience caused and we appreciate your understanding.


Maintenance details are as below:

🔺 New Features:
Season challenge quests available now! Fun challenge quests are waiting to be claimed! Complete quests to earn challenge medals. Collect challenge medals to exchange them for various rewards!
Skateboard Paint is now available, bringing brand new looks for all player's skateboards. Players can now customize their skateboard's appearance.
New Swap Weapon button added. Players can now customize the positions of the buttons on the Customize page.

✔️ Features Improved
- Improved the underwater diving experience. Diving no longer depletes Shield, but will deplete energy.
- Improved weapon experience, including the following changes: Improved the ballistics of Destroyer, Falling Star, and grenades. Slightly reduced the damage of Valkyrie and Son of the Sky. Improved the crosshair display for the 4x Scope and 8x Scope.
- Improved the Customize Face experience. Improved some of the options when customizing your character's face, including the display of Eyelashes and Eyes. 
- Improved the display of translucent icons.
- Improved the leaderboard experience by adding character display. Players can now view character models on leaderboards.
- Improved how season rewards are claimed. When the reward page appears, season points and V-Coins will be rewarded first.
- Improved the chest opening experience and the special effects displayed when firearms are dropped from chests.
- Improved the spectating experience, including the following changes: When spectating a player, that player's kills will be displayed. The Report Issue button has been moved to the top right. Improved the victory page of the player or squad you're spectating.
Improved the squad channel and how recruitment works. Players can customize the message sent for recruitment. Squad channel will not be displayed to players who are not in squads. Their recruitment messages will be sent to the General channel instead.
Improved the team-up experience on social platforms by adding a Request to Join function.
- Improved chatting and sharing info with friends. Friends Chat now supports chat history and sending your Statistics. Your own character model will be displayed on the right of the chat page.
- Added more data to your Statistics, including Grenade Kills, Vehicle Kills, and Fatal Kills.
- Improved how the pick-up list is collapsed and expanded. Now in a single game, when the pick-up list is collapsed, it will not be expanded until it is tapped again.
- Improved the Customize function. Players can now the adjust the display adaptability for different screen sizes.

✔️ Bugs Fixed
1. Fixed the issue that caused your Droid to block your view after you are KO'd.
2. Fixed the issue that caused the heartbeat sound effect to sometimes play during victory replays.
3. Fixed the issue that caused the quantum materials of the player who KO'd you to not display in the death replay.

▪️ Other FIxes
1. Reduced the damage of Empty Coffin.
2. Reduced the AI skill level in new player games.

Above are all the issues of the maintenance this time, please refer to final results shown in the game. 
This beta test is only being launched in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, so game lag may occur when players from other countries and regions try to play the game. We appreciate your beta test is launched in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, lagging & high ping may occur when players from other regions play the game. We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your support and understanding so far! Cyber Hunter could not make any progress without your participation. We'll continue to improve our game based on your feedback and suggestions. In the meantime, we’re preparing for PC version and global release, please stay tuned!

Last, we welcome all of your ideas on how to make the game better!