Maintenance Update - Feb. 20th


Brave Wanderers, 

Thank you very much for taking part in this beta test. Your unrelenting support is what keeps us going. Chinese New Year is a time of renewal—and at this special time of year, it is a pleasure to continue to work side by side with all you brave Wanderers and meet new challenges. Cyber Hunter is still a work in progress. Many elements still need perfecting. In order to improve your gaming experience and create a better combat environment, we will soon begin carrying out maintenance and optimization in accordance with your feedback.

The Cyber Hunter mobile server will be shut down for maintenance between 7:00 AM-8:00 AM on Feb 20, 2019. If maintenance fails to complete on schedule, the server reboot time may be postponed. Please keep an eye on the schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Maintenance update details are as follows: 


    [Functional Improvements] 

1. We improved the mail system by adding Delete Read, Read All and Mark All Read buttons, enhanced the functionality of the Delete Mail button, and improved the message content display;

2. We improved the Season system. You will now need to manually claim your Season level reward. We also added a claim all feature and a preview function for Pass level rewards;

3. We improved squad-up performance in the Lobby: a rotating squadmate model is now supported; 

4. We improved the information display for Chat, Invite to Join and other interfaces, and player level is now displayed;

5. We improved the performance of the icons in the Lobby under the effect of EXP and V-Coins;

6. We improved the battle replay feature: for team games, you can view the replay even if your squadmates are still playing;

7. We improved the defeat notification, adding the type of firearm used by the opponent; 

8. We improved the map experience: we adjusted the size of the Marker button and made some changes to the icon display style, and we improved the route display for the small map;

9. We improved the automatic sprint mode interruption mechanism: turning on scopes will no longer interrupt movements;

10. We improved vehicle functionality, making some changes to the steep slope descent visual effects; 

11. We improved the sensitivity of the free view button in the battle interface; 

12. We improved the performance of the Optical Camouflage and Stealth Force Field functions; 

13. We improved operational performance for certain characters; 

14. We optimized the experience when turning on the 4x Scope and 8x Scope; 

15. We improved the model details of the 4x Scope. 


[Bug Fixes] 

1. We fixed the bug causing uneven target position synchronization under different network delay speeds; 

2. We fixed the bug causing voice message reception failure for all game modes and set the group voice message receiving switch in the lobby to open by default; 

3. We optimized the damage calculation mechanism for vehicle crashes and fixed the bug preventing vehicles from taking damage when crashing;

4. We fixed the bug causing Falling Star and Destroyer to malfunction sometimes; 

5. We fixed the bug making it possible for vehicles in driving status to be destroyed by the player during Training.


The above is a full list of issues addressed in this maintenance update. Update details are subject to the results shown in-game. 


This beta test is only being launched in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, so game lag may occur when players from other countries and regions try to play the game. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your support and understanding so far, Wanderers! Cyber Hunter could not make the progress it has without your participation. We'll continue to improve our game based on your feedback and suggestions. Meanwhile, the PC version and global beta test are under active development. We believe both versions will be ready soon.