Maintenance - Jan. 30th


Cyber Hunter mobile server maintenance was held between 7:00-8:00 (GMT+8) on Jan 30, 2019. Players are not abel to log in during the period. 
If maintenance fails to finish on schedule, the server reboot time may be postponed. Please keep an eye on the game availability time, we're sorry for any inconvenience this maintenance may cause. 


The update details are as below:


New Features
1. The New Year event starts. You can complete quests to get New Year exclusive rewards. What's more, lots of stylish Fashion sets are waiting to be won. 
2. New "Joint-parachute" function. Wanderers, now you can follow your squadmates when making a parachute jump. 
3. New "Quick Scope Switch" and "Quick Firearm Switch" functions added.


1. Fixed the bug that caused scopes to glitch when on the move. Optimized movement stability after using the scope. 
2. Optimized statistics display, including: Added statistics of all modes and showed the relevant unit(s). 
3. Optimized social functions and display, including: Player level now shows above their avatar; optimized the red dot prompt after adding friends, and the ordering rules of the friends list. 
4. Added several quick speech messages and adjusted the style of the speech area. 
5. Appropriately enhanced the effect of the skill Destroy. Increased the skill's range, speed and reduced the swing movement range. 
6. Optimized team-up design, including: Optimized confirmation box style for the "Invite to Join" function and added marks for players offline in the lobby.
7. Optimized the skill Watchtower. Easier to climb up as well as pass in and out of the bottom. 
8. Optimized the information and rules description of the results page. When calculating results, there will be a prompt for Extra EXP Match. Now, EXP, Coins and Tiers will also be calculated, even if the player quits a match when they're still alive. 
9. Optimized the way rewards are claimed when the Season level increases. Now, the player must claim rewards manually. Added a "Quick Claim" function. 
10. Optimized status display of completed season quests. Removed the quest that requires players to reach rank 1 from the Daily Season Quests. Any existing quests still have to be done. 
11. Optimized top-up design. After players top up, first top-up and total top-up claiming pages will pop up automatically.
12. Optimized pick-up design. The pick-up list opening rules have changed. Now, when the list is opened up in a match, it will remain that way permanently. That means the player needs to close it manually. Loot pick-up list is now shown in two columns. 
13. Map Improved: The track bar will not be screened after the big map is opened. The visual style of the mini-map has been optimized. Mini-map route display and air route animation effects have been changed. 
14. Improved general item icon and corner mark appearance. 
15. Added the Get off button for Custom Layout page.


Bugs Fixed 
1. Fixed the bug where no rank data is shown when the player is not on the Leaderboard. Fixed the issue where there's mismatched tier information in Solo mode, Duo mode and Squad mode. 
2. Fixed the bug that caused something to go wrong when using a scope when moving. 
3. Fixed the bug that caused boots to increase swim speed.

In addition, according to the report information submitted by some Wanderers, we found that some players used 3rd party hacks to illegally tamper with the game data. These player accounts have now been banned. In order to provide a more fair and equitable game environment, we have updated some targeted anti-hack measures this week, and we hope that everyone can actively report any hacks that they do encounter. 

Above are all the issues that will be addressed during this maintenance. Results may shown differently in the game.