Maintenance - Jan. 23th


Brave Wanderers,


Thank you very much for taking part in the beta test. Your unrelenting support keeps us making progress. Cyber Hunter is currently still under developments; there are lots of design elements that need to be perfected.


To provide a more in-depth gaming experience and create a better combat environment, we’ll be running maintenance between 7:00 - 8:00, Jan 23rd (UTC+8), players will not be able to log in during the period. The duration time is estimated and may be extended due to technical issues; we are sorry for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding.


Maintenance details are as below:


🔺 New Feature
Personal data and firearms data are now displayed in the Statistics menu, Wanderers can go to the relevant tabs to view their current related information.


✔️ Features Improved
1.Optimized Mall: Significantly shortened the refresh time of the Mall's limited-time offers, added a display which shows the remaining time before the next refresh; There are now red dot notifications for new items in the Mall; when acquiring a Fashion, you can tap Tryout to wear it straight away; if the corresponding hero of the Fashion has not been unlocked, it will automatically jump to the Unlock Page.
2.Optimized the Training experience: Banned the controlling effect caused by Absolute Zero as well as the Enemy info and the effects of the characters getting hit on the mini-map. The firearms pick up area in Training now prohibits quantum constructions and the positions of the firearms have been adjusted.
3.Adjusted the Auto Pick-up function, optimized auto-equip and Scope pick-up, adjusted the position of the manual Pick-Up button. It is now easier to pick up the advanced equipment players need.
4.According to players' feedback, we have adjusted some firearm statistics, shortened the range of Foxtrot and Sentinel, and increased the attack interval of Vortex.
5.Optimized the player bios in Statistics, added detailed experience information. You can tap your avatar to change it directly, etc..
6.Optimized the mechanism of the World channel. You can now communicate with players from all over the world on the World channel.
7.Revised the kill counting rules. It will now still be considered your kill if your squadmate assists in the kill after you've already hit the enemy down.
8.Optimized the display rules of squadmates' icons. When squadmates are not in range of the mini-map, the direction of their locations will be shown on the edge of the map.
9.Optimized the model performance in the Lobby, including rotation, standby, squadmate images, squadmate positions, etc..
10.Optimized the Invite to Join function and added a Recent Team-up Invitations function.
11.A red-dot notification for the Season system has been added to the Lobby. There will now be red-dot notifications when the Daily Quests are completed but the Rewards haven't been claimed.
12.Optimized the driving experience of Dawnbreaker and reduced the amount of times which it will rollover.
13.Adjusted different characters' Set Displays in the Face Customization system.
14.Adjusted the statistics of firearms displayed in the Firearms Leaderboard, added the display of Frags in ranking data, and added the explanation of Ranking conditions to the Instructions.
15.Optimized the Fashion system. The Fashion Page can now display 2 Fashions, and the display of the corresponding item types have been added on the Preview page.
16.The Report function on the Spectate and Results pages have been optimized, and people who have been reported and those who have reported others have text tags.
17.The Enemy Info on the mini-map has been adjusted and optimized to avoid the stacking of repeated info and the long-distance info is now translucent.
18.Optimized the Vehicle Paint, the Paint button will be hidden if there's no designated coating for that vehicle.
19.Optimized the distribution of resources and improved the Drop of weapons such as the 4x Scope and 8x Scope.
20.Adjusted the display rules of general tips, added a description of item types.
21.Increased the distance info between the character and location marker.
22.Adjusted the effect color of Firearm drops.


✔️ Bugs Fixed
1.Fixed the issue of Droid skills not being able to be used after being controlled by Absolute Zero.
2.Fixed the issue on the result screen where you could see the Tier Added Points of all squadmates. Now you can only see your own Tier Added Points.
3.Fixed the error Defeat quest progress display error in Season single matches.
4.Fixed the issue of the Falling Star only being able to be fired through one barrel.
5.Fixed the issue of the Preview Character refreshing repeatedly when tapping the same Supply on the Mall Supplies page.
6.Fixed the in-game icon display of weapons which have been painted.

Above are all the issues of the maintenance this time, please refer to final results shown in the game. 

In addition, according to the report information submitted by Wanderers, we found that some players used 3rd party hacks to illegally tamper with the game data, these player accounts have now been banned.In order to provide a more fair and equitable game environment, we have updated some targeted anti-hack measures this week, and we hope that everyone can actively report any hacks that they do encounter. As beta test is launched in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, lagging & high ping may occur when players from other regions play the game. We appreciate your understanding.


Thanks for your support and understanding so far, Wanderers! Cyber Hunter could not make any progress without your participation. We'll continue to improve our game based on your feedback and suggestions. In the meantime, we’re preparing for PC version and global release, please stay tuned!

Last, we welcome all of your ideas on how to make the game better!