Maintenance - Jan. 16th


Dear Wanderers, 


Thank you very much for taking part in the beta test. Your unrelenting support keeps us making progress. Cyber Hunter is currently still under developments; there are lots of design elements that need to be perfected.

To provide a more in-depth gaming experience and create a better combat environment, we’ll be running maintenance on Jan. 16th 7:00 - 8:00 A.M., players will not be able to log in during the period. The duration time is estimated and may be extended due to technical issues; we are sorry for the inconvenience caused, and we appreciate your understanding.

Maintenance details are as below:


🔺 New Features
1. Soft launch Season 1 is coming! Diversified season quests and various season rewards are awaiting. Meanwhile, each player's tier will be adjusted before the season kicks off. 
2. An in-game Top-up System will be available. The Credit transfer system has been successfully debugged. Feel free to use your Credits to open Legendary Supplies to get personalized items, such as Advanced Outfits and Customized Skins. 
3. At the same time, the Season Level Leaderboard will be now active.

*Please note that therer will be brand new Season after global launch, the season mentioned above in only for soft launch.


✔️ Features Improved
1. Improved the way teammate's icon styles are displayed on the Form Squad page in the Lobby;
2. Improved how the Results page is displayed. Added info to the Personal Information section, such as character level;
3. Improved the way in-game tips are displayed and unified the tips display in the Lobby and in Scenarios;
4. Improved how the Weapon Paint page is displayed. Added a Camera Switch option, allowing either full-figure or bust for your character;
5. Improved the character animation after the Resurrection Device is triggered.
6. Improved some firearm statistics. Absolute Zero Freezing time changed to 1.5s.


✔️Bugs Fixed
1. Fixed the screen flicker issue that occurred on the Community page;
2. Fixed text field typesetting adaptability;
3. Fixed the issue where add-ons on the right side couldn't be moved to the left side effectively when customizing the layout;
4. Fixed the issue where touch controls became insensitive when trying to remark the area your teammate marked.


Above are all the issues of the maintenance this time, please refer to final results shown in the game.


As beta test is launched in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, lagging & high ping may occur when players from other regions play the game. We appreciate your understanding.

Thanks for your support and understanding so far, Wanderers! Cyber Hunter could not make any progress without your participation. We'll continue to improve our game based on your feedback and suggestions. In the meantime, we’re preparing for PC version and global release, please stay tuned!


Last, we welcome all of your ideas on how to make the game better!