Patch Note - Jan. 12th


Cyber Hunter NO account wipe beta test has begun since yesterday! We really appreciate players who have already joined the beta! As the game is still under development, improvements will be made in several aspects.

To provide a better gaming experience, we have optimized the game and fixed known issues. The update of this time include the following:


- The Mall is open, players can get fashion set for characters with Elite Supply purchased with Coins. Recharge function will open soon. 
- Adjusted the display rule of Enemy Beacon on mini-map; in order to prevent overlapping of footsteps and firing sound signals, and to differentiate short and long distance signals. 
- Adjusted the default number of discarding one item, the updated default number will be: 0.5 x owned item number. 
- Adjusted the non-applicable item reminder in the inventory. 
- Optimized the camera performance of vehicle changing directions. 
- Increased the speed of movement while the character is about to die. 
- Optimized character model performance under different graphic setting. 
- Adjusted the default status of gameplay mode selection and voice switch. 
- Adjusted the matching rules; now players of close rankings will be placed in same tier.
- Made changes to the tier promotion messages, and added reminder to tier promotion in different modes.

Issues Fixed 
- Fixed the energy drop while quantum material has been destroyed.
- Fixed the wrong tier messages of players. 
- Fixed the incomplete display of chat message in lobby. 
- Fixed the UI flickering when the reward reminder pops up.


New Feature Preview
- Cyber Hunter S1 Season will be open to players after the update on Jan. 16th, with brand new quest system and bountiful season rewards awaiting.

The above are the updates we have this time, please refer to in-game notifications and instructions for details. Aside, since the beta test only opens to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, players from other regions might face high ping issue; we’re sorry for the inconvenience.


We appreciate every Wanderer’s support and understanding, it is because the participation of each player so that we can keep making improvements. We are now speeding up the process of developing PC version and preparing for the game’s global launch, please stay tuned for the latest update.


At the same time, we welcome all feedback about the game, feel free to share your thoughts with us!