Determination to Create a Fair Competitive Environment


Brave wanderers:

Since the all-platform official launch, the development team has been working hard to create a fair competitive environment for everyone. Yet the emergence of third-party tools has seriously disrupted the order of the game and violated the rights of other wanderers. In order to ensure the fair and just environment of Dreamland, we hereby solemnly declare to all players: the development team of Cyber Hunter will continue to spare no effort to crack down on third-party tools, and all players who use any type of third-party tools will be permanently banned from logging in as punishment.

After this update, the development team has updated the procedure of cracking down on hacks and intensified such efforts. For those who used third-party tools to illegally tamper with game data, once found, their violations will be punished with a permanent login ban.

❗️ No simulators will be allowed to be used and the account of players who use hack will be banned once verified. ❗️

From now on, we will continue to pay close attention to your feedback, and to update and improve the gaming experience.
Cyber Hunter now supports mobile, PC, and PC on Steam, and wanderers can go to the official website to download the version you want to play.
To ensure the information is fair, we will publish the punishment list regularly.

Permanent login ban list November 2020 - January 2021 (2978 accounts banned):