A letter from Developers


To Wanderers,


Hope this finds you well! Happy second anniversary!

Time always passes quickly when you're not looking. We have been together on this journey for 2 years, and so much has changed in just the last year.

The battle simulation on the main island received an overhaul last June, which substantially enhanced the level of realism. We focused a lot on Faction Showdown, which saw the implementation of the immersive first-person view.

We've experienced four different seasons, Masked Assassin, Deep Sea Lifesaving, Alliance of Calamities, and Top Secret File. We've been through battles on new Faction Showdown maps.

Many Wanderers gave their favorite weapons brand new upgrades in the newly-constructed Research Facility.

Last December, Loot Lord mode was officially introduced. As an outstanding Wanderer, you were chosen to carry out a new mission on Dreamland and experienced your new life as a "Gold Digger".

This May, we will make major changes to the Lobby structure, new player introduction, and other aspects of the game. We will also be implementing a major content update to the Loot Lord mode. We are excited about the new changes and hope you'll like them too!

All in all, we're grateful for your effort in keeping peace in Shinshima over the past year! For this, we have prepared a small gift for you. Please check.

Here's to another year of working together!   

                                                                                                                                                     —Wanderer Task Force, April 26